Travel Around Oman And Explore The Incredible Arabian Culture And Life


Does the mini-series of Arabian Nights enthrall you? Is Ali Baba and the forty thieves one of your favorite series? Then you must taste the Arabian life once! And traveling to Oman, a sultanate situated on the Arabian Peninsula is the best way to experience that! Known for wide desert areas and riverbed oases, Oman is the picture perfect travel destination for travelers looking to explore Arabian culture and life. Mosques and souks the sultanate’s must-visits, along with the white sand beaches where ocean temperatures are warm all year round. Also there is a fair share of cultural destinations that familiarize you with the colorful history of Oman. Below is the list of few places to see in Oman, to make your trip to this mesmerizing country a great one!

Muttrah Corniche

One of the most vibrant areas of Muscat, Muttrah Corniche has a living history. With houses of the 19th century merchants, colorful minarets, the sweeping seafront of the Muttrah is the old commercial center of the city. During the sunset, strolling out will let you relish the vibrancy of the city! You can start with the old fish market at the western end of the city, where you can find fishmongers hawking fresh tuna, lobster and mahi-mahi each morning. Next is the Muttrah souk where you can stroll among the labyrinthine lanes packed with copper coffee pots and traditional blades called khanjars, also find women attired in Abaya negotiating for gold. After that you can head towards the Muttrah Fort which was built in 16th century by occupying Portuguese forces. And then you can climb the 100 peculiar steps and reach the top of the reestablished watchtower at the eastern end of the city and relish the magnificent views of the harbor.

Bimmah Sinkhole

One of the most incredible, natural swimming spots, Bimmah Sinkhole in Oman is a large, natural emerald colored watering hole that is locatedinside the Hawiyat Najm Park that is situated at an hour and a half from Muscat. There is a conflict among scientists and local people on the creation of Bimmah Sinkhole! While according to the scientists this 20- to 30-meter deep hole, surrounded by walls of limestone, was caused by erosion, the locals say it was formed by a meteorite.

Birkat Al Mawz

At the base of the Al Hajar Mountains, Birkat Al Mawz is an abandoned ghost town that provides you a glimpse of the life of Omani villagers hundreds of years ago. You can stroll through the mud and adobe house remnants and find that many arches, staircases and windows are still intact! The name of this village is interpreted as ‘Banana Pool’ asyou can find banana plantation while driving around this village.

Wadi Shab

One of the loveliest destinations in Oman, Wadi Shab has diving cliffs as tall as 35 feet that makes it a natural playground for adventure seekers. And after a 40 minutes hike up a rocky, rugged path, entrenched by golden red canyons, the color of a sunset, you will reach at the base of a quiet, turquoise-green pool.And then you can swim upstream by passing through a narrow gap between two stones which will lead you inside a hidden cave with a cascading waterfall.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Quiet and impressive from the outside, this magnificent piece of contemporary Islamic architecture was gifted by Sultan Qaboos to the nation to mark his 30th reigning year. The Grand Mosque can accommodate 20,000 worshippers that include 750 women in a private prayer hall (Musalla). The main prayer hall is astonishingly rich. The Persian carpet alone is 70 m by 60 m in width, and is the second largest hand loomed Iranian carpet in the world!

Apart from the above places there are many other astonishing places in Oman like Nizwa Fort, Bandar Al Khayran, Al-Mughsail Beach and a lot more that drag people for exploring the beauty and culture of the country.

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