This Krups Air Fryer Is Not Much Better Than My Toaster Oven

Hop over to Amazon and do a quick search for “ninja air fryer 9 in 1 fryer.” There’s about a million of the things — all of them comparable in design, all of them promising to crisp up your favorite fried snacks with little-to-no oil, and all of them hoping to be the subsequent On the spot Pot-fashion kitchen gadget breakout.

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In medium bowl, combine sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic, lime juice and salt. Add cabbage and pink onion; toss to coat. Cowl and refrigerate cabbage mixture until able to serve.

If bubbles type in the lining, contact customer service to ask if you qualify for a guaranty alternative. The non-stick coating doesn’t pose a health risk. So you can cook just high-quality in it; if you unintentionally scratch the pan. Spray with oil or use a liner to serve as the substitute, non-stick coating.

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