My Largest Marching Band Lesson

This may be a bit of a scraggly post, but I thought you might want to know about these dates coming up! Contact Christyne MacDermaid if you want to get an early start on either of the May date items. Please contact Christyne MacDermaid if you can help out. Robert can design a great show for any music that you choose! Your Seniors have picked some great music for their show this year. One of the great insults of all time is to mention that whatever is to their standard what military music is to music. See you there! Annual Marching Band Organizational Meeting: Wednesday, April 25th at 7 PM (auditorium) ( This is a yearly MANDATORY meeting for ALL students and at least one of their parents who will participating in next season’s marching band). We need one chaperone for Wind Ensemble and Drum Corps Videos two chaperones for Concert Band. We need to know exactly who we will have at practice and when so we are able to plan effectively! Friday, October 23rd – Away game at Mt. Gilead 3:00 – 4:00 PM: Drum Corps Videos Practice on field. There will always be practice after school even if it is raining, but it will probably be inside.

We are looking for an even MORE INSANE, MORE MUSICAL, JOYFUL YEAR in the fall. Even with the marching band performing, we should be done by 8:30-ish. 9:00 at the absolute latest. Yes, they are in marching band. As such, when actions of war are taking place around an artist, they will often comment on this through the only medium they really know: Their Art. We will also post a date for the Banquet asap. Here is the info for Drum Corps Videos the post band camp practices. We have extended the band camp initial $50.00 Payment deadline to 5/7/14. This is due to the 8th graders not getting the material until a little later. THE DUE DATE TO UPLOAD PHOTOS IS MAY 2nd! P.S. WE NEED BAND CAMP PHOTOS. Our tour company for Boston has a free photo montage service to which you can upload photos. We could use as many chaperones as we can get for this all night event! This allows marchers to be able follow along, catch up if they miss a day, and always have their coordinates with them; They can also use this app to helps others around them.

Marching Band Concert Thursday evening, our final regular season game Friday night, and the Halloween Parade on Sunday for Drum Corps Videos any volunteers that can join us with the Middle School Band. Come and join us! For all those going thither there will be remission of sins if they come to the end of this fettered life while marching by land, crossing by sea or in fighting the pagans. If there are changes or updating of the drill – it will automatically be updated on the app. We introduced the OPTIONAL drill app at Squad Leader Day. Once again – we will still continue to pass out coordinate sheets (and charts to the squad leaders) throughout the season – this is completely OPTIONAL but will help any marcher who has it. This app is completely optional – you will NOT need this in order to be in marching band. SENIORS… you need to get your Baby and Senior pictures to Mrs. Bondie ASAP!

Please make sure you are in touch with your child as to when they need to be picked up. 7. Your child will receive a box lunch, a t-shirt, and a ride to the game. With the exception of Drumline and Pit, if your child auditioned for Hockey Band, they made it! You will be changing into your uniform during the concert after you perform if you are in the marching band, so bring your black shoes and socks. A fantastic concert that we share with the choir. FINAL CONCERT IS MAY 20th. All performing groups except for marching band. PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL BE PERFORMING THE “Halftime Show” AT PREGAME (6:45) FOR THIS GAME. In previous years the band has performed at many other bowl games including the Fiesta, Orange, Cotton, Gator, Citrus, Liberty, Holiday, Independence, Capital One, Carquest, Hall of Fame, Dixie, Bluebonnet, and Las Vegas bowls as well as performing half-time shows at Dallas Cowboys football games. Please know that our Howell Highlander Football has qualified for the Playoffs (Yeah!!! Way to go Highlanders!) which means that the ENTIRE Marching Band is required to be at all HOME Playoff games.

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