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On the later point, it might be emphasized that it was during the realm of the same Scotty that Prince soared to the national and even international heights in drum corps. And a rejuvenation took place last month that found Louie Green of Wakefield assuming chairmanship of the Executive Board, Bob Jennings returning to his important post Business Manager and arranger of contest commitments and the acquisition of the famed Scotty Chappel as musical instructor. For the impressive color presentation, they played the hymn “Abide With Me”, which is an outstanding part of their musical show. Two musical approaches to next season’s repertoire are now under consideration. But to alleviate and allay any further apprehension over total collapse, there are enough proud and true Princemen alumni that would never stand for it. Despite rumors to the contrary, the Princemen have not folded, although it can be said they were floundering about this summer (and Drum Corps Videos what better place to “flounder” than in ol’ Beantown — just had to get the pun in). When the dust cleared and the scores were announced, the Cadets of Bergen County were 3rd with a score of 96.9. Then, there was the announcement for second place, which, as Brandt Crocker humorously put it, was actually a tie for first place.

One group director at the center of the controversy is George Hopkins, Drum Corps Videos head of The Cadets of Allentown, Pennsylvania, whose push to introduce electronics and other changes to the activity have rattled purists. Bill Mann, corps director of this new corps, and Drum Corps Videos his busy staff of helpers need not be ashamed of the show they worked so hard to put on. While they did not come very near to the terrific show of the former corps, they did put on a very interesting and entertaining show, and they had a very large group for a cheering section, who traveled a long way to attend this contest. I asked him about it, and he explained it the same way. 9.) DCI relationships & Normal long distance relationships are pretty much the same. “At the same time, pedagogical utility is vital. Bringing dozens of ensembles involving thousands of performers and a massive, dynamic summer tour back to life after a forced hiatus of more than a year is no easy feat; but more than 20 Drum Corps International-affiliated groups from across the country are enthusiastically planning to take the field this summer-if positive public health trends continue and professional advisors and consultants confirm all necessary guidance that it is safe to do so.

In the summer of 2011, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on a national tour with The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps. The competition part of the contest began with “York Lions” Drum & Bugle Corps of Toronto, coming off the line first. Their best part of the show is the color presentation “America, the Beautiful” and “Your a Grand Old Flag”. The production came to a close starting with the discontent of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” before evolving into “America the Beautiful.” An old-fashioned American flag presentation was followed by color guard members unrolling banners of red, white and blue, portraying a sense of renewed hope and pride in the nation. There are some Drum Corps Videos corps fans that get especially offended when someone calls drum corps “marching band” or vice versa. After the contest, the corps personnel enjoyed an informal get together in the Rose Garden Roller Rink, in Point Edward, Ontario. Under the direction of Drum Major Doug Saunders (with whom I had the privilege of meeting after the contest), this newly organized corps gave the audience many a reason for applause, as they really put on a good performance for the length of time they have been going.

It is interesting to note that Brantford “Belltones”, under Drum Major Ross Baker, had only tried out their show the Thursday evening prior to the contest, and went on in spite of knowing that things might easily go wrong. The final corps to compete was the Brantford “Belltones”, under drum major Ross Baker. An outstanding exhibition was then put on by the guest corps, the newly organized “Sertomanaires” of Sarnia, under the direction of Drum Major Larry Williams. This corps, which is being helped very much by the “Conky” (Jim McConkey), and from what could be seen in this contest, is shaping up to be one of the most interesting of Canadian junior corps, and is well worth watching. They played a lot of interesting music, and their horn line came through quite well at times. One peculiar thing about their corps was a horn player in a contrasting uniform to the rest of the corps (he wore a blue one instead of a yellow one, which the rest of the corps had). This is a blog, like all other confession blogs, to submit any secrets, opinions or anything about Drum Corps International or any corps.

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