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However, if you tend to slice (or hook) the ball off of the tee and already have high ball flight, this is not the ball for you (consider the e6). For golfers that have low ball flight, a high spinning golf ball can be an advantage. There are many golfers who would invest in a good club rather than spent huge amount of money on a regular branded bag. Graphite made clubs are lighter than steel made clubs. This book contains absolute capacity on actually accoutrements of collectibles: aged clubs and balls, autographs, signature golf balls, artwork, medals and trophies, forth with trading cards as able-bodied as added collectibles. Even the most effective golfers routinely shed balls, and with the common duffer, these “misplaced” golf balls can speedily turn out to be an pricey add-on for the imprinted golf balls outing. After all, it’s the players who are going to play with these balls, so if players are not happy with any thing, it’s not possible to carry on with the games. The robot might be able to hit a ball every 20-30 seconds once it’s set up, but there’s some serious time spent setting it up before any shots are hit.

If you consistently hit low shots that struggle to stop when they land on the green, the Bridgestone e5 is the best golf ball for you. If you have a high swing speed, want to get the ball in the air, and like a super high spinning golf ball, this is the best golf ball for you. It’s meant for amateur players with swing speeds between 80-95 mph who hit low trajectory golf shots but do not want to sacrifice spin. While this is not the best golf ball for players with swing speeds under 100 MPH, it is definitely the best golf ball for the money for those who swing fast. It is definitely one of the reasons we think it is one of the best golf balls right now. Think of the relationship between the Titleist Pro V1 and the Titleist ProV1x. This golf ball famously boasts more spin than the Titleist Pro V1.

At times, you can find this golf ball for $15-20 below the price of a Titleist Pro V1. You would have been hard pressed to find a dozen of the best golf ball for under $45. This is a two-piece golf ball, meaning it is principally designed for distance, but its urethane cover adds spin where you would not expect to find it. If you have the swing speed needed to use this kind of ball (over 100 MPH with the driver) and you love a high spinning golf ball, then there’s a lot to love about the Bridgestone B330S. If you don’t want a ton of spin off the clubface, then you should consider the Bridgestone e6. If you are like me, then you definitely like to showcase your golf memorabilia at home and at work. Urethane covers are less durable than surlyn covers (compare to the e6 and e7), but are preferred for players looking to get their golf ball to react on the green.

The conventional wisdom is to start around the green and work backward. However, there’s a current trend among start up premium golf ball companies and some of our old favorite companies to end the madness. This is a high quality premium golf ball with the performance characteristics demanded by some of the top players in the game. However, besides these physical/mental concerns, golf equipment plays a significant role in one’s game. However, if you wish to improve your game, you may want to use cheap golf balls during your practice sessions. However, if you’re a lower handicap player that likes to shape shots and back it up on the green, this is not the ball for you. The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is meant to be a middle ground between the two-piece golf balls designed to increase distance and the 5 piece golf balls that emphasize maximum spin and feel for low handicap players. The shell of the Bridgestone e5 golf ball is made from a hard urethane. This golf ball model is focused on providing the amateur golfer with a higher ball flight off of the tee without sacrificing spin around the greens.

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