Fun Kitty Party Games For Girls

Organize a kitty party. Have fun. That's life!

If the mundane household activities have bogged you down, it's high time you should fix a date for a cool kitty party. Yes! There is no better way to rejuvenate than to call up your best friends or the favorite neighborhood ladies and invite them for a kitty party.

The coolest thing about kitty parties are the kitty party games that instantly bring in the energy and help the ladies get close to each other.

However, being the host, it is definitely going to be quite a challenging job for you to think about some cool kitty party games for girls.

Though it's not something too hard to do but among all other preparations, it often becomes difficult to take time out to sit and think of some exciting games.

To make your task easier, here's a list of some very popular and exciting kitty party games that will simply dazzle your friends and needless to say, make you a great host.

So are you ready for the fun? Make sure you announce a prize at the end of every game and the make them all the more interesting.

A List Of Kitty Party Games For Girls.

Identify The Singer

This sounds easy but can be quite challenging for many.

You can enlist a few Bollywood songs and play them one after another; make sure the songs you have selected are little uncommon but the singer is popular. You can even choose songs from private albums of the singers and the play only two lines in front of the participants.

Once you play a song, within 30 seconds they will have to identify the name of the playback singer and the winner of the game will be the member who can identify the singers maximum number of times.


Camouflage games are quite popular and you will find innumerable images on web of hidden animals or birds on grass or a tree.

Take out a few printouts, say around 12 to 15 pictures and show them to your friends and let them find out camouflaged animal, bird or person. The person who first identifies the hidden stuff for maximum number of pictures is the winner. You can keep the printouts carefully for reuse in some other gathering.

Treasure Hunt

There's a kid inside all of us who loves to find hidden objects all the time. So how about a treasure hunt game? make small chits of clues and keep them in different corners of the party venue and let the ladies find out the object from the given clue.

Keep a 100 rupee note or a small gift say, a toffee box near the last hidden object. Now make two teams and the team that first reaches out to the last treasure will win that gift box or the 100 rupee note.

Touch And Feel And Identify The Lentil

Here's one of the most exciting kitty party games for girls.

For this game, you can take small bowls, fill each with different types of lentils and cover all the bowl with a black opaque cloth. Now one by one, each participant will come and put their hands inside the black cloth to touch the lentils bahria town islamabad and rawalpindi escorts identify their names from the texture and write them of a white paper with their name written on it.

There will be only one minute time to complete the task and the member who identifies maximum lentils in minimum time will be the winner.

Identify The Ad From the Tagline

Make a list of at least 20 ad taglines on a white paper and take printouts of it depending on the number of participants in the game.

Now give one minute time to each of the ladies to write down the name of the advertised product by reading the taglines. The member who identifies the maximum number of products within the given time will be the winner.


There is practically no end to the list as these are mostly creative stuffs so if you keep thinking you will keep coming up with new ideas.

As of now, you can explore these games and even think of making variations to the above-mentioned ones just to make the games more exciting. The fun and happiness you will get to the see of your guests' faces will be something inexplicable.

So try not to miss the opportunity!

For more such exciting ideas on kitty party games for girls, feel free to get in touch with us at Kitty Party


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