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The Guard regiments, for instance, are reported to have retained their 1804 flags. Murat, for instance, only had the titular command of the cavalry, but was busy throughout the day galloping around, commandeering whatever troops were nearby for his reckless charges. The French, for instance, though described by Wikipedia and other narratives as having on the order of 120,000 combatants on the 7th, seem, by my calculations, to have had not quite 105,000 on the morning of 7 Sept.. I urge you all to do the same (but not until I have my order in). Battlefield 2042 is running on the latest version of the Frostbite engine, and it really does look incredible if you have a high-end computer with an HDR display. All of the Steel Fist figures look BIG. Flags by GMB. I am currently working of the last eight figures of this unit. So, having painted all of the above in this last few weeks I thought I’d give you a brief comparison.

The most recent parade states ordered by Napoleon had been 15 August, three weeks prior. Overall command on both sides was chaotic as Napoleon and Kutuzov were only distantly commanding, and the other commanders were often going on their own hook, or countermanding each other. Commanders are listed by their official division or brigade assignments. The Imperial Guard suffering the least (50%) and the 25th Division of Ney’s III Corps suffering the most (down to 20% its starting strength). According to Smith, by Borodino the attrition on the French army reduced them to between 20-50% of their original levels back in June (depending on the corps), when they first crossed the Nieman. Unit strengths for the French conform to Digby Smith, George Nafziger, and Christopher Duffy. Strengths The following orders of battle for the 7th of September are distilled from a variety of sources. As well as Nafizigers’ comprehensive OOB, I relied chiefly upon Jonathan Gingrich’s 2014 OOB from his now archived site, which itself was compiled from many original Russian archives and sources he credits.Those units of Borosdin’s Corps, however, did list specific strength levels for the day of the battle, so I applied those.

I have then applied those ratios in this OOB to the reported exact strengths for the French from where they started on June 25 (in Smith). Otherwise I used an average regimental strengths derived from Hourtoulle’s book on Borodino. However, some of them (and I don’t know which) probably still carried the old 1804, “diamond” model. All French units officially carried the 1812 Tricolor. For the Russians, except for Borosdin’s VIII Corps,I could not find actual strength records for nearly all the individual units. The horses are all individual barded mounts, if you want to find it, there is amazing detail on them. Somewhere along the way I bought 8 earlier knights on unarmoured horses. All the figures and horses are different, american garden flag with separate heads and weapon arms, and sheathed swords. I had figures from 3 different manufacturers which I had accumulated over the past 6 months, a dozen of the SteelFist Gendarmes, 6 charging and 6 with upright lances, 6 late 15th century knights from SteelFist, 8 Gendarmes and 8 archer types from Eureka, and finally 24 Foundry Gendarmes (only 12 of those finished so far).

When I finished the Swiss pike, my original intention was to launch straight into a pile of 200 landsknechts to give them some more opponents, however, I also had quite a large lead pile of cavalry to do, first off was a couple of units of Swiss and Italian mounted crossbows (that don’t feature in this post) and having done them I decided to try some of the many Gendarmes and early 16th century knights that were also sitting in the box. Currently the Gendarmes are out of stock. He points out that the arithmetic doesn’t always add up. Now that you know what a Chrome Flag is, you might want to try out a few. Is Chrome simply not fast enough for you? Comes with inbuilt in Windows 10. However, Internet Explorer still comes with Windows 10. But, Edge is modern, faster, and comes with more features. There is still the problem of sourcing suitable figures. So first, the Steel Fist figures. Steel Fist again, remarkable figures- side-show Bob leading the charge. I am not a great fan of figures in such a pose so I don’t think I shall photograph them.

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