Air Fryer Mini Crescent Canine Recipe –

Our beloved Mini Crescent Canines get the air fryer treatment in this easy recipe! Just roll, cook and eat. Bonus: This air fryer pigs in a blanket recipe makes 24 servings-good for smaller gatherings or as an after-college deal with for youths.

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By Pillsbury Kitchens

Up to date July 30, 2019

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Pillsbury Crescents

The air fryer works like a convection breville oven air fryer and sits on your countertop. It makes use of circulating scorching air – and some oil if you select – to cook and crisp the food within the basket inside. You can use it without including any oil, or you’ll be able to add slightly, which Plotkin says generally amps up the flavor. “Nutrition doesn’t matter in case you don’t eat the food, so you really need the meals to style good, and that’s the place I’d say use some oil so you can enjoy the meals,” she says. Both means, reducing down on the amount of oil used will scale back your intake of fat and calories. Cleveland Clinic estimates air frying instead of deep frying will show you how to lower down your calorie intake by 70 to eighty percent.

Perhaps the key selling point with this outstanding air fryer is the actual fact you possibly can do so much more than simply fry or bake. Whether or not you want a crisp pizza or a toasted bagel, roast chicken or perhaps a cake, you’ll be spoiled for selection with out needing multiple appliances. Whereas this can be a fairly bulky equipment, when you consider the quantity of options at your disposal, you might argue it’s actually an area-saver.

If you want to get pleasure from tasty food with up to 75% less fat, then the Ninja Air Fryer is ideal for the job. Not solely does it air fry your favourite snacks, but it may roast, reheat, and dehydrate meals. These four programmable options are displayed on the one-contact LED control panel.

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